Friday, June 13, 2008

Do you like to check the mail? I do!

I just love going to the mailbox everyday to see what coupons and free samples I have received! Today was a great day I received 5/$2 off coupons for Kashi Vive and 1 coupon for a free box of Kashi Vive cereal, from Vocalpoint go HERE to sign up.

About 2 weeks ago I sent an email to Apple & Eve beverage group letting them know our family loves the Fruit Punch and Apple Juice flavors. Today I was surprise when I received 4 coupons including one for a free Apple & Eve or Sesame Street product up to $4.99 value! This comes at a great time as today I opened our last bottle of Juice. Check out the Apple & Eve website HERE.

I am new to the world of Blogging, I am still getting a hang of how this all works:)

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