Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What to do with all those Freebie Boxes???

I make small boxes of our son's favorite foods! Don't they look like the real thing!

It is really easy to do yourself with things you already have around the house....

You will need:
Small Boxes
Construction Paper
Packing Tape or Contact Paper
Computer & Colored Printer

What to do:
1) Locate an image by using Google images (I pick our son's favorite foods)
2) Copy and Paste the image into a Word Document
3) Resize the image to the same size as the box
4) Print out the image and tape it to the box
5) Cut construction paper to cover the sides and back of the box
6) Tape over EVERYTHING with packing tape to help protect the paper (or use contact paper).
7) Give to you children for them to enjoy!

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