Saturday, June 14, 2008

Looking for a Baby Shower Gift?

If your are looking for a baby shower gift you might want to think about these items:

Baby Basic Diapers (available at Shaw's) print a coupon HERE.

Boudreauxs Butt Paste print a coupon HERE, use at Target for FREE trial size cream.

Energizer Batteries print a coupon HERE, you can never have enough batteries in the house, for
all those baby toys!

Gerber products a few product coupons HERE.

Goodnites diapers print a coupon HERE.

Huggies little swimmers print a coupon HERE.

Huggies Pull ups print a coupon HERE.

Johnson Baby or Desitin products print a coupon HERE.

Johnson Buddies soap print a coupon here HERE. (Johnson Buddies soap is under a $1.00 at most stores so this item will be FREE)

Johnson Soft lotion print a coupon HERE.

Johnson various baby products print coupons HERE.

Lysol good for disinfecting the house in preperation for the baby HERE.

Rayovac Batteries print a coupon HERE.

Shout wipes print a coupon HERE for all of those baby stains!

Tylenol, any Children's Tylenol product print a coupon HERE.

Go HERE Playtex is offering a free Original Nurser System!

A great way to present the gift is in a basket (I know we always have a ton of baskets around the house that are not being used) attach a pink or blue bow and you have a great baby shower gift!


Niki said...

Great idea!


Melanie said...

Thanks Niki, I hope it is helpful!